Valores de Bertikal

More than just a game

The game is a fascinating adventure of personal improvement. Bertikal aids in psychomotor development and promotes coordination, concentration and frustration skills. It is intended to have fun with the entire family by competing at the same time or in a chain and it is also used by various educational and therapeutic centres for people with attention or psychophysical problems.

More than just a game

Right from its original idea, it was proposed with a clear objective: Obtain a game that would allow, above all for young people of the house, to enjoy an entertainment which is an alternative to electronic devices.

Psychomoto​r growth​

Used as therapy for people of any age, with attention or physical problems, to reactivate their motor or mental capacity.

​Family moments​

A perfect excuse for the entire family to enjoy a moment of fun and participation.

​Challenges overcome​

Educate about frustration, personal improvement and mental concentration in a playful way.

Sometimes, just to switch off your mobile phone for a fair amount of time in itself is a compelling reason to take out your Bertikal from the backpack and challenge your friends. During any relaxation or waiting time. At the park or whiling away time at the dentist before you enter. Start playing and everything changes around you.